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TheBio Dude BioDude BioShot

BioDude BioShot

The BioShot is the BioDude's unique new microbial supplement and organic fertilizer for bioactive vivariums, and works well with all soil products.


Magazoo Turtle bone pack of 3

Turtle bone pack of 3

Floating product, natural source of calcium for all aquatic turtles, box turtles and other turtles.


Zilla Fruit Mix - 2.5 oz

Fruit Mix - 2.5 oz

It's a quick and convenient way to provide your pet reptiles with a variety of tasty and desirable fruits.


Magazoo Mealworm


These worms, in popularity, come after crickets. Their nutritional value is poor, hence the importance of sprinkling them with multivitamins and calcium.


Magazoo Vers goliath 1 g1

Vers goliath 1 g1

French name: Vers Goliath
English name: Hornworms
Latin name: Manduca sexta


Hikari LeopaGel - 2.11 oz

LeopaGel - 2.11 oz

The 2.18 ounce container of Hikari LeopaGel is specially designed for leopard geckos.


Repashy SuperCal


A range of 4 different fine calcium supplements with or without vitamin D. A varied choice for all species.


Exoterra Exo Terra Canned Foods

Exo Terra Canned Foods

The Exo Terra canned foods are a convenient way to feed insects. These insects (and snails) have been cooked in the can to maintain nutritional value, flavour and aroma.


Exoterra UVB 200 compact fluorescent bulb

UVB 200 compact fluorescent bulb

The Reptile UVB200 Exo Terra compact fluorescent bulb emits the ideal UVB spectrum for optimal photosynthesis of vitamin D3.



Exoterra UVB150 Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

UVB150 Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

The UVB150 Reptile Bulb has a very high UVB output similar to sunlight in the desert.


Zoomed Aquatic Turtle Banquet® Block

Aquatic Turtle Banquet® Block

This product is a food and calcium supplement treat. It contains natural water turtle food granules.


Magazoo Phoenix worms black soldier fly larvae

Phoenix worms black soldier fly larvae

Low in fat and rich in calcium, the phoenix worm is on the market today, the worm that has the most calcium (along with the earthworm).