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Reptile handling tools

Here is our selection of handling accessories for reptiles; all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your pet.

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Magazoo Feeding Tongs With Rubber Tips

Feeding Tongs With Rubber Tips

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these tongs are an excellent tool for feeding live insects, mice, rats, and other items of prey to reptiles and amphibians, big or small!


Magazoo Leather glove for handling

Leather glove for handling

Approx 18 '' length


Magazoo pieces speculum set

pieces speculum set

Reptile work tool


Magazoo Feeding tong 15 ”

Feeding tong 15 ”

15 '' long tongs to feed carnivores.


Exoterra Bamboo Feeding Tool

Bamboo Feeding Tool

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, the Exo Terra Bamboo Feeding Tweezers offer a sustainable alternative for regular tongs


Magazoo Hook with golf grip

Hook with golf grip

Very safe and comfortable hook for handling large reptiles.


NewCal Pets Stainless steel hook

Stainless steel hook

Very useful hook for moving large reptiles.


Fluker's Harness leash for reptile

Harness leash for reptile

Leash for reptiles with harness of different sizes.


Magazoo Hemostatic forceps to feed

Hemostatic forceps to feed

Safety grippers of different lengths to feed your reptile.


Magazoo Snake Pinner 24 in.

Snake Pinner 24 in.

Hook made to hold the head of a snake.


Magazoo Herping Hook 42''

Herping Hook 42''

Hook for exploring animals in nature.


Magazoo 18 in. Ultra-light hook

18 in. Ultra-light hook

Ultralight hook for moving small reptiles.