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Food to keep insects healthy.

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La Swamp Springtails Daily Food 4oz

Springtails Daily Food 4oz

Daily food for springtails


La Swamp Food for Isopods 4oz

Food for Isopods 4oz

Made with more than 10 ingredients, providing a high level of protein and calcium for your isopods to have a healthy colony that proliferates.


Zoomed Creatures™ Blue Death Feigning Beetle Food

Creatures™ Blue Death Feigning Beetle Food

Micro Crumbles for Omnivorous Invertebrates


Magazoo Crickets diet

Crickets diet

Growth and maintenance formula


Repashy Morning Wood Isopod Gel

Morning Wood Isopod Gel

Our Calcium Fortified, Super Firm, Long Lasting Formula for Isopods, Springtails, and other detritus feeding insects.


Zoomed Creatures™ Food Pellets

Creatures™ Food Pellets

Small (1/16″) pellet size to accommodate most omnivorous pet invertebrates


Zoomed Creatures™ Feeding Block

Creatures™ Feeding Block

Mineral block with Creatures Food Pellets inside, a good complementary food for beetles and cockroaches.


Repashy Superhorn Jar

Superhorn Jar

Our High Calcium, Vitamin Fortified, Antibiotic Free, Hornworm Diet for maximizing the nutritional value of Manduca sexta Larvae as feeders.


Zoomed Natural Cricket Care™

Natural Cricket Care™

Fine powder to enrich crickets as a base food for reptiles. With added minerals and vitamins.


Repashy SuperFly Fruitfly Culturing Kit

SuperFly Fruitfly Culturing Kit

Instant formula for the cultivation of Drosophila. This premium blend is enriched with minerals, trace elements, vitamins and carotenoids to maximize the nutritional value of fruit flies when used as food.


Repashy Bug Burger 3 oz

Bug Burger 3 oz

This product is a complete diet for crickets, cockroaches and other insects. Three ounces of powder makes 1.25 pounds of finished gel product. Nourishes and hydrates. Contains fortified calcium.