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Hideout made of synthetic material, but that's to be misunderstood. Very easy to maintain and durable.

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Komodo Corner Hut

Corner Hut

Give your reptile a safe and natural looking hide that will blend well into their habitat.


Komodo Jelly Pot Rock Den

Jelly Pot Rock Den

Jelly pots are a great way to provide nutrition for your omnivore herps and the crickets you put in their habitat.


Komodo Forest Log

Forest Log

Add a touch of fores to a habitat. Komodo's new forest resins will add character and new dimensions to any type of set-up.


Komodo Nano Forest Daintree Large

Nano Forest Daintree Large

For your smaller reptiles, give them a safe and natural looking hide that will blend well into your habitat.


Reptiles treasures Wood Slice Hide 11" X 9.5" X 5"

Wood Slice Hide 11" X 9.5" X 5"

Reptile Treasures Wood Slice Hide is a realistic looking wood hideaway designed for a wide variety of reptilian and amphibious species.


Aqua Globe Ceramic Reptile Cave

Ceramic Reptile Cave

A proper hiding area is an often-underestimated feature of a natural terrarium.


Zilla Rock Dens

Rock Dens

Ideal for a wide variety of reptiles, help to mimic cool, dark cave like atmospheres found in your pets natural environment.


Zilla Vertical Décor - Rock Cave

Vertical Décor - Rock Cave

This elegant piece of decor is painted to mimic the beautiful natural realism of rock caves covered in moss.


Zilla Herp hotel

Herp hotel

The incredibly realistic appearance of the shelter under a rock provides a unique natural atmosphere that your reptile will greatly appreciate.


Pet-Tekk Boulder Cave

Boulder Cave

Rock cave of all sizes for your animal in terrarium.


Pet-Tekk Corner Cave

Corner Cave

Very decorative corner cellar to maximize space in the terrarium.


Treasures underwater Lava cave

Lava cave

This piece is a natural-looking volcanic feature, with sharp jagged rocks and lava flowing in bright colors.