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Hideout made of synthetic material, but that's to be misunderstood. Very easy to maintain and durable.

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All things reptile Medium round stash 7.75 X 3.25 in

Medium round stash 7.75 X 3.25 in

Made of Polypropylene plastic with smooth interior and exterior surfaces for easy cleaning and durability.



Aqua Globe Ceramic Reptile Cave

Ceramic Reptile Cave

A proper hiding area is an often-underestimated feature of a natural terrarium.


Zilla Rock Dens

Rock Dens

Ideal for a wide variety of reptiles, help to mimic cool, dark cave like atmospheres found in your pets natural environment.


Exoterra Small Reptile Cave

Small Reptile Cave

A proper hiding area is an often-underestimated feature of a natural terrarium.


Zilla Vertical Décor - Rock Cave

Vertical Décor - Rock Cave

This elegant piece of decor is painted to mimic the beautiful natural realism of rock caves covered in moss.


Zilla Herp hotel

Herp hotel

The incredibly realistic appearance of the shelter under a rock provides a unique natural atmosphere that your reptile will greatly appreciate.


Pet-Tekk Corner Cave

Corner Cave

Very decorative corner cellar to maximize space in the terrarium.


Treasures underwater Lava cave

Lava cave

This piece is a natural-looking volcanic feature, with sharp jagged rocks and lava flowing in bright colors.


Treasures underwater Red Rock Hideout

Red Rock Hideout

Incredibly natural boulder, with sporadic moss coverage and a boulder in red, textured hues.


Treasures underwater Treasures Boulder Hideout

Treasures Boulder Hideout

Rock covered with a light moss green color, with prominent leafy plants that add to the already look of the room.


Treasures underwater Egyptian Urn

Egyptian Urn

This urn is ideal for those with a passion for ancient Egyptian history.


Pangea Rock cave

Rock cave

Aesthetic, durable concept, made of non-toxic and easy-care material.