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All our replacement cups grouped here

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C3 Ledges C3 Replacemnt Magnet

C3 Replacemnt Magnet

Replacement magnet


Exoterra EX Replacement NANO USB Humidifier

EX Replacement NANO USB Humidifier

The Exo Terra USB humidifier increases the humidity levels in the terrarium air to a humidity level of 95%.


Magazoo Fixture clamp

Fixture clamp

Clamp to hold fixture in place.


Pangea Hide Box Humidity Sponges (10 Pack)

Hide Box Humidity Sponges (10 Pack)

This pack of 10 replacement sponges are custom made to fit into the humid hideout - humidity hide.


Zoomed Multiport Fogger Attachment

Multiport Fogger Attachment

3-way mist divider that can supply humidity to 3 terrariums from a nebulizer.


Treasures underwater Immersible suction cups

Immersible suction cups

Come in a pack of 6. They attach to the standard tube, allowing you to discreetly secure your aquarium oxygen system.


Zoomed Turtle Dock replacement suction cups

Turtle Dock replacement suction cups

Suction cup for floating dock


Exoterra Adhesive Support Base

Adhesive Support Base

The Exo Terra Light Bracket Adhesive Support Base is a replacement part for the Exo Terra Light Bracket. When attached to the terrarium, it serves as a supportive base for the bracket.


Exoterra Replacement Support Base Large

Replacement Support Base Large

This replacement self-adhesive mount fits the Exo Terra Large LED Day and Night Light Fixture (PT2336).


Pet-Tekk Replacement Magnet Lock

Replacement Magnet Lock

Replacement magnet


Pet-Tekk Extra-Strength Replacement Magnet Lock

Extra-Strength Replacement Magnet Lock

Extra Strength Replacement Magnet, 40% Stronger than the original Magnets!


Exoterra Replacement adhesive clip

Replacement adhesive clip

Replacement Exo Terra Adhesive clip fits all Exo Terra Raised Accessories and Exo Terra Rock Steps.