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Moult hiding place / Laying

Easy to maintain, a good addition to make your reptile feel safe.

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Exoterra Coconut Shaped Shelter

Coconut Shaped Shelter

Coconut-shaped hiding place, for nesting and egg laying


Exoterra Wet log

Wet log

The wet log thus offers your reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates a safe hiding place to rest in addition to creating a humid microclimate that promotes thermoregulation, ensures good hydration and facilitates reptile moulting.


Zilla Rock Lair

Rock Lair

The rock refuge has a mossy and rough rock exterior


Pangea Humidity Hide Small

Humidity Hide Small

Made from plastic with smooth inner and outer surfaces for easy cleaning and strength.


Exoterra Wet rock hideout

Wet rock hideout

Very decorative hiding place in the shape of a wet looking rock.


Magazoo Hiding place with water bowl

Hiding place with water bowl

2-n 1 Water Bowl & hiding place. Made of black polypropylene molding for durability and a quick-to-clean surface.


Exoterra Gecko Cave

Gecko Cave

The Exo Terra Cave Gecko Cave is the perfect addition to your gecko's terrarium. A sturdy hiding place is an essential part of the natural terrarium.


Zoomed Repti Shelter™ 3-in-1 Cave

Repti Shelter™ 3-in-1 Cave

Create a humid "microclimate" inside the terrarium, essential for the moult and good respiratory functions of reptiles and amphibians.


Exoterra Canopy Cave

Canopy Cave

The Exo Terra Canopy Cave creates a multi-level habitat. Tree-dwelling reptiles and amphibians are often reluctant to use ground-level caves for hiding or nesting