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Gecko Cave


The Exo Terra Cave Gecko Cave is the perfect addition to your gecko's terrarium. A sturdy hiding place is an essential part of the natural terrarium.

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Without a proper hiding place and place to sleep, geckos can easily become stressed, disrupting their well-being and appetite. The natural appearance of the Exo Terra Cave Gecko Cave makes it easy to fit into any terrarium and its strength prevents large geckos from overturning it easily. The Exo Terra Cave Gecko Cave is also extremely useful as a nesting hiding place for several species of geckos. To create a wet hiding place, simply add Forest Moss Exo Terra Forest Moss or wet peat moss. Nesting hiding places should be moist at all times.

Safe hiding place for reptiles and amphibians, prevents stress. perfect nesting hiding place, ideal for land geckos like leopard geckos, easy to integrate into desert or tropical climate terrariums.


6 X 5 X 4 ”Medium Gecko Cave (PT2865)
9 X 7 X 5 ”Large Gecko Cave (PT2866)

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