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Make your reptiles feel at home

A "cage" for reptiles has turned into a "terrarium"! All EXOTERRA products and their components have been designed to work together, helping you to create and establish a harmonized and natural-looking microhabitat. By combining the right products, EXOTERRA can meet the needs of almost any species in just about any known habitat.

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Exoterra Rock Terrarium Backgrounds 36 X 24 po

Rock Terrarium Backgrounds 36 X 24 po

The Rock Terrarium Background from Exo Terra is an easy to cut background that has an incredible natural look. It creates a multi-dimensional habitat that is ideal for climbing reptiles or it can be simply used to beautify the natural look of the terrariu



Reinforcement clips (Terrarium Dart Frog)

Reinforcement clips (Terrarium Dart Frog)

Replacement part for ExoTerra cover


Exoterra Reptile Cricket Feeder

Reptile Cricket Feeder

Exo Terra's Feeding Rock is an easy to use aid for feeding insects to your reptiles and amphibians.


Exoterra Drainage mesh - BioDrain

Drainage mesh - BioDrain

Natural but non-organic substrate that promotes the flow of excess water in a terrarium.


Exoterra Pond shaped pebble water bowl

Pond shaped pebble water bowl

Ideal water bowl for wood beetles, tree frogs and various other amphibians.


Exoterra BIOACTIVE Volcanic Substrate

BIOACTIVE Volcanic Substrate

Comes from the mineral-rich soil of the foothills of the famous Japanese volcano Aso.


Exoterra Amphibian Terrarium / Dart Frog

Amphibian Terrarium / Dart Frog

Ideal terrarium for amphibians and bioactive landscaping.



Exoterra TerraSky plant light bar with remote control

TerraSky plant light bar with remote control

Ideal for installations with plants, paludariums and bioactive terrariums.


Exoterra Coconut Shaped Shelter

Coconut Shaped Shelter

Coconut-shaped hiding place, for nesting and egg laying


Exoterra EX Replacement NANO USB Humidifier

EX Replacement NANO USB Humidifier

The Exo Terra USB humidifier increases the humidity levels in the terrarium air to a humidity level of 95%.


Exoterra Precision incubator

Precision incubator

The Exo Terra PRO Precision Incubator makes the incubation of reptile eggs safer and uncomplicated.


Exoterra Incubation tray

Incubation tray

Bac pour incubation.