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Branch, Liana, Bark

Each piece is prepared and carefully selected to add a natural touch to your favorite animal's surroundings. As they are natural, each piece is unique and the delivered product may differ from the picture.

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Aqua Globe Amazone Wood

Amazone Wood

Very decorative natural wood for desert environment.


NewCal Pets Savage wood

Savage wood


NewCal Pets Lightning wood

Lightning wood


ReptiZoo Artificial cane liana

Artificial cane liana

REPTIZOO artificial cane is the best way to provide your reptile with a naturalistic and hiding place.


ReptiZoo Build-n-bask modular branches

Build-n-bask modular branches

Two tree trunks lean against each other for climbing.


NewCal Pets Dagger wood

Dagger wood

Natural wood


NewCal Pets Viking wood

Viking wood

Natural wood


Aqua Globe Coffeewood Hideout

Coffeewood Hideout

A proper hiding area is an often-underestimated feature of a natural terrarium.


ReptiZoo Nylon hammock triangle

Nylon hammock triangle

The soft nylon mesh creates a multi-dimensional resting place for crawling pets.


ReptiZoo Bend-a-branch vine

Bend-a-branch vine

This vine can be used for decorative purposes of the dwelling area. These lianas are bendable, twistable, with a natural feel and look and can be twisted together with vines of different sizes.


Cork Pt de 15 lbs   SMALLER PIECES & BITS

Cork Pt de 15 lbs SMALLER PIECES & BITS

Natural bark of different sizes and shapes.


All things reptile Bendable Coco Troncho Branch

Bendable Coco Troncho Branch

COCO TRONCHO is a made of natural coconut fibers.