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All food and water / gel to feed your crickets.

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Magazoo Single quail egg

Single quail egg


Magazoo Crickets diet

Crickets diet

Growth and maintenance formula


Magazoo Water Munchies

Water Munchies

Hydrating gel


Fluker's Cricket Quencher Calcium Fortified

Cricket Quencher Calcium Fortified

Are your insects constantly falling into their water bowl and drowning? Well, Fluker's Cricket Quencher Calcium Fortified is the solution to those worries!


Rep-cal Cricket Food - 7.5 oz

Cricket Food - 7.5 oz

Rep-Cal Cricket Food is formulated to nutritionally enhance invertebrate feed for reptiles.


Zoomed Natural Cricket Care™

Natural Cricket Care™

Fine powder to enrich crickets as a base food for reptiles. With added minerals and vitamins.


Repashy Bug Burger 3 oz

Bug Burger 3 oz

This product is a complete diet for crickets, cockroaches and other insects. Three ounces of powder makes 1.25 pounds of finished gel product. Nourishes and hydrates. Contains fortified calcium.