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Exoterra Turtle Bank

Turtle Bank

The Turtle Bank is a unique floatation basking area for aquatic turtles. Held in place by magnets, the Exo Terra Turtle Bank can be positioned in the corner of the terrarium to maximize swimming area.



Exoterra Cave


A proper hiding place is an essential feature of a natural terrarium. Without a safe place to hide and sleep, reptiles and amphibians easily develop stress that interferes with their activity and appetite.


Exoterra Gecko Cave

Gecko Cave

The Exo Terra Cave Gecko Cave is the perfect addition to your gecko's terrarium. A sturdy hiding place is an essential part of the natural terrarium.


Exoterra Cave for reptiles

Cave for reptiles

Adding an adequate hiding place to a natural terrarium is often underestimated.


Exoterra Desert Ground Plants

Desert Ground Plants

Ideal for use in more 'sterile' set-ups (e.g. quarantine terrariums) or used in those spots of the terrarium where real plants cannot thrive or survive.


Exoterra Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaurs ruled the earth for more then 140 million years and are considered to be the ancestors of today’s reptiles.


Exoterra Canopy Cave

Canopy Cave

The Exo Terra Canopy Cave creates a multi-level habitat. Tree-dwelling reptiles and amphibians are often reluctant to use ground-level caves for hiding or nesting


Exoterra Tortoise and big lizard - snake Cave

Tortoise and big lizard - snake Cave

The Exo Terra Tortoise Cave was especially designed to provide tortoises with an enlarged hiding space.