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Coconut Shaped Shelter


Coconut-shaped hiding place, for nesting and egg laying

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This coconut-shaped cave is perfect for nesting and laying eggs for wood beetles and other amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates. In addition to adding style to your terrarium, the cave looks like the natural hiding places of these animals.

In a constantly humid environment, its irregular surface will eventually become covered with foam, which will make its natural appearance even more striking. Although tree frogs are fearful creatures who do not hesitate to hide at the slightest disturbance to their environment, they put themselves at a much greater risk if they feel safe, especially if there are enough shelters and areas. of comfort nearby.

It is made of food grade resin.

Diameter: 4.5 in 11.5 cm
Height: 3.75 in 9.5 cm
Entrance width: 1.5 in 3.8 cm
Entrance height: 1.4 in 3.5 cm


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