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BIOACTIVE Volcanic Substrate


Comes from the mineral-rich soil of the foothills of the famous Japanese volcano Aso.

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This natural volcanic soil substrate, made of andesitic and rhyolitic tephras, is very rich in nutrients and ideal for the growth of lush plants in bioactive terrariums with plants.

The porous surface contributes to outstanding drainage and aeration, at the same time supporting robust root growth. The low density and friable density of the Sub Stratum substrate promotes the proliferation of beneficial nitrifying bacteria and thus creates a self-sustaining living ecosystem in the terrarium. The active beneficial bacteria in the soil break down organic waste and keep the terrarium healthy and clean.

-Constitutes a natural bioactive substrate
-Includes active beneficial bacteria
- Keeps the terrarium healthy and clean
-Eliminates ammonia and bad odors
-Has large drainage capacities
-Is ideal for bioactive terrariums with plants
-Promotes a strong growth of plants

Is made of natural volcanic soil (andisol), activated carbon and living beneficial bacteria (bacilli)

-4.4 pounds - 2 kilos: PT3183
-8.8 pounds - 4 kilos: PT3184

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