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Pond shaped pebble water bowl


Ideal water bowl for wood beetles, tree frogs and various other amphibians.

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It is important to always leave a source of clean, fresh water available to reptiles and amphibians in captivity to ensure their well-being. The water bowl has a natural pebble appearance that matches any type of terrarium. The unique shape of this accessory allows recessed installation into the substrate to simulate a riparian area. In addition to being easy for reptiles and amphibians to access, the shallow water level of the water bowl and its integrated steps prevent animals from drowning.

Amphibians do not drink water; rather, they ensure the maintenance of their hydration and their ion level through the skin thanks to osmosis. This is because they absorb water by soaking up the moisture from their surroundings through their permeable skin and submerging their backs in a body of shallow water. Since most amphibians breed in temporary or permanent shallow pools and bring their tadpoles, the water bowl is an important part of any tropical terrarium.


Small: 6 X 5 X 2.2 in (15 X 12.5 X 5.5 cm) PT3175
Large: 6.7 X 5.3 X 2.4 in (17 X 13.5 X 6 cm) PT3174

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