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Drainage mesh - BioDrain

Natural but non-organic substrate that promotes the flow of excess water in a terrarium.

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Unlike other natural substrates, this one will not rot or decompose and serve as a biological filtration system.

It is part of the drainage for terrarium. Non-toxic, it separates the lower layer of drainage substrate from the upper layer of decorative substrate. It thus prevents substrate particles from contaminating the water while allowing adequate drainage of the water. Used with the Bio Drain substrate, it creates aquatic areas and a biological filtration system in the terrarium.

It is therefore possible to circulate the clean water of the terrarium in waterfalls and cascades or on dripping plants. In a bioactive arrangement, it is possible to use water treatment to add beneficial organisms to the terrarium water and accelerate the biological filtration capacity.


8 X 8 in (20 X 20 cm) PT3130
12 X 12 in (30 X 30 cm) PT3131
18 X 18 in (45 X 45 cm) PT3132
18 X 24 in (45 X 60 cm) PT3133

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