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Amphibian Terrarium / Dart Frog

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Ideal terrarium for amphibians and bioactive landscaping.

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They were designed by European herpetologists and are ideal for bioactive arrangements with plants.

Both can be developed as bioactive habitat for wood beetles, tree frogs or reed frogs, newts or salamanders, small geckos and lizards, garter snakes and collared snakes.

The single front door allows an optimal view of the terrarium and facilitates maintenance and feeding.

-Completely made of glass
-Integrated drain
-Ideal as a bioactive habitat
-Dual ventilation system; patented prevents condensation from forming on the front glass door, even in humid conditions. In fact, the air is naturally pushed upwards to ensure healthy and optimal conditions.
-Compatible with Monsoon system
- Self-closing holes for wires or pipes
-High quality stainless steel mesh
-Raised lower frame
-Hinged cover that locks with one button. The cover can also be fully opened. Excessive heat is therefore dissipated through the mesh top to prevent it from building up, creating temperature gradients in the terrarium. In addition, the mesh panel allows UV and infrared rays to penetrate when these bulbs are needed.
-The glass front wall ensures maximum penetration of visible light and an air strip made of stainless steel and located at the back of the terrarium guarantees optimal ventilation.

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18 X 18 X 18 in: PT2475
18 X 18 X 24 in: PT2476

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