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Harness leash for reptile


Leash for reptiles with harness of different sizes.

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Whether your pet has scales, tails, jaws or claws, every animal needs exercise! It is essential equipment for anyone who owns lizards such as bearded dragons, chameleons, geckos and more. With a tightly braided rope leash that prevents the leash from tangling, along with an exceptionally soft, pet-friendly harness, reptile owners can feel confident knowing their precious pets are safe and secure. comfortable during their walks.

A benefit for both owner and pet, this leash allows your favorite lizard to explore the environment in a more natural and engaged way, while providing owners with more privacy and a closer look at authentic behavior. these beautiful creatures. The six foot adjustable leash comes with a different size harness.


X-Small: very small harness 64137
Small: harness small 64136
Medium: medium harness 64135
Large: larger harness 64134

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