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Exo Terra Canned Foods

The Exo Terra canned foods are a convenient way to feed insects. These insects (and snails) have been cooked in the can to maintain nutritional value, flavour and aroma.

Article number: PT1950
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It also softens the exoskeleton of the insects for easier digestion and breaks the bonds between the collagen protein to make it absorbable by reptiles.

Collagen is an important fibre that aids in building bone, cartilage, skin and claw structures. The canned insects have the same nutritional value as live insects but are easier to digest. No live insects need to be fed in addition to these canned foods.

PT1964: For large lizards (adult bearded dragons, monitor lizards, tegus, etc.), Asian or American box turtles or aquatic turtles.

PT1966: Rich in calcium, black soldier fly larvae are also commercially known as Phoenix worms. This product is a great alternative to live worms.

The range available:
Regular Canned Grasshoppers 1.2 oz. - PT1950
X-Large Canned Grasshoppers 1.2 oz. - PT 1952
Shellless Snails 1.7 oz. PT1956
Mealworm 1.2 oz. PT1958
Small Canned Crickets 1.2 oz. PT1960
X-Large Canned Crickets 1.2 oz. PT1962
Super canned worms 1.2 oz. PT1964
Larvae of soldier fly PT1966
1.2 oz PT1968 earthworm
Canned Shrimp 1.2 oz. PT3542
Silkworm PT1954

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