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Zoomed Betta bling decoration

Betta bling decoration

Cool decorations for your Betta’s Home!


Zoomed Betta Tools Aquarium Cleaning Set

Betta Tools Aquarium Cleaning Set

Betta Tools Aquarium Cleaning Set contains components that were hand-picked to make cleaning your Betta’s tank a breeze!


Zoomed Betta LED Lamp

Betta LED Lamp

Ideal for Bettas, Shrimp, other small fish and Invertebrates.


Zoomed Betta Catappa Leaf

Betta Catappa Leaf

Recreate the natural Betta habitat


Zoomed Betta Habitat Kit

Betta Habitat Kit

Betta starter kit.


Hikari Bio-Gold betta food

Bio-Gold betta food

This food is very nutritious and balanced.


Zoomed Betta Background™

Betta Background™

Static-cling nature scene for Zoo Med’s Betta Tanks.


Zoomed Micro Floating™ Betta Pellets

Micro Floating™ Betta Pellets

Contains the betta feeding stick. Teach your betta to feed with the stick.
NATURAL, with added minerals and vitamins.


Aqua One Square aquarium for betta

Square aquarium for betta

This product is a 1 L acrylic aquarium with a sober and elegant design.


Zoomed Aqua Accents

Aqua Accents

Zoo Med’s Aqua Accents Decorative Aquarium Substrates are made from epoxy coated aquarium gravel/sand which is safe for all freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


Zoomed Betta Ceramic Log™

Betta Ceramic Log™

Sinking ceramic log provides shelter for sleeping or hiding


Zoomed Betta Light™

Betta Light™

LED Light Fixture for Betta Tanks & Small Aquariums.