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Bio-Gold betta food

This food is very nutritious and balanced.

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This floating pellet has been carefully balanced to meet your pet's nutritional needs. The addition of premium fishmeal which provides a superior source of protein, astaxanthin, which helps improve coloring, grape seed extract (polyphenol), which reduces the effects of aging and spirulina , which naturally offers a high concentration of vitamins, make it a perfectly suited daily diet for bettas and their high stress nature. As it floats, it is easy to control the amount eaten and helps eliminate overeating. It reduces water quality problems. In addition, it is economical and does not cloud the water. Expect your betta to have natural, bright colors. It contains stabilized vitamin C.

It is developed, produced and packaged at our facilities so that we can be assured that you will always get the Hikari ® quality that you expect.

Bio-Gold Betta Food 0.09 oz (18510)
Bio-Gold Betta Food 0.70 oz (18508)

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