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Hikari specializes in frozen food for your pet

Whether you are looking for bloodworms, octopus or any other fresh but frozen product, we have it.

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Hikari CrestGel - 1.76 oz

CrestGel - 1.76 oz

Granules that contain essential nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements that leopard geckos need.


Hikari DragonGel - 2.11 oz

DragonGel - 2.11 oz

It is specially designed for vegetable and insect-eating lizards, such as many species of geckos and bearded dragons.


Hikari LeopaGel - 2.11 oz

LeopaGel - 2.11 oz

The 2.18 ounce container of Hikari LeopaGel is specially designed for leopard geckos.


Hikari First Bites - 0.35 oz

First Bites - 0.35 oz

Scientifically formulated to provide newborn fish the exacting nutritional balance they require during the earliest developmental stages of their lives.


Hikari Bio-Gold betta food

Bio-Gold betta food

This food is very nutritious and balanced.


Hikari Large Bloodworm  Blister 3.5 oz

Large Bloodworm Blister 3.5 oz

The world's best-selling bloodworms for big fish


Hikari GermGone 1.75 oz.

GermGone 1.75 oz.

Hand sanitizer foam that kills 99.9% of most common germs.


Hikari Bloodworm 3.5 OZ

Bloodworm 3.5 OZ

An excellent diet for all types of tropical fish - especially Discus, Eels and Bettas