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Betta bling decoration


Cool decorations for your Betta’s Home!

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Give your Aquarium some style with Zoo Med’s Betta Bling Decor. Includes suction-cup for easy anchoring and attachment.

Z470 (BD-21) Mermaid w/Hoop
Z470B (BD-23) Bamboo w/ Leaves
Z470C (BD-24) Tiki Mask 2 X 0.75 X 3"
Z470D (BD-25) Dolphin Vase
Z470E (BD-26) Twisted Roots 3.75 X 0.75 X 2.75"
Z470F (BD-27) Tiered Rocks
Z470H (BD-29) Skull Sign
Z470J (BD-30) Tiki bar
Z470K (BD-31) Tiki Girl w/ Loop

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