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Products tagged with terrarium décor

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Treasures underwater Terrarium Wood

Terrarium Wood

Underwater Treasures brings you this wonderful line of natural wood roots to compliment your custom reptile terrarium.


Galapagos Moss Mushroom

Moss Mushroom

This mushroom is made individually and from green moss and wicker.


NewCal Pets Escada Wood

Escada Wood

Sturdy natural wood to decorate your terrarium. This element fits perfectly into a bioactive environment.


NewCal Pets Buriti Sticks

Buriti Sticks

Decorative natural element to add to any bioactive terrarium.


NewCal Pets Rams Head - 2 Pack

Rams Head - 2 Pack

Add a natural twist to your Bioscape™ with Rams Head!


NewCal Pets Jhinga Pod - 2 Pack

Jhinga Pod - 2 Pack

Add a natural twist to your Bioscape™ with Jhinga Pods!


NewCal Pets Almond, Grade AAA 10 Pack

Almond, Grade AAA 10 Pack

Enhance your tropical rainforest terrarium or aquarium with Indian Almond leaf litter, AAA Grade!


NewCal Pets Magnolia Leaf Litter

Magnolia Leaf Litter

Magnolia Leaves are essential for Bioactive ecosystems.


NewCal Pets Mulberry Leaves - 10 Pack

Mulberry Leaves - 10 Pack

Mulberry leaves can be used as organic leaf litter in a bioactive setting


NewCal Pets Monkey Pod

Monkey Pod

The Monkey pod originates from the Lecythis elliptica, a large nut producing tree found in the Amazonian forests.


NewCal Pets Ourico Pod

Ourico Pod

Ourico Pods originate from the South American tree in the family Lecythidaceace, harvested for the Brazil Nut fruit inside.


NewCal Pets Palm Tenders - 2 Pack

Palm Tenders - 2 Pack

Add a natural twist to your Bioscape™ with Palm Tenders!