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Monkey Pod

The Monkey pod originates from the Lecythis elliptica, a large nut producing tree found in the Amazonian forests.

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This species is closely related to the tree that produces the Ourico Pods!

Monkey Pods provide a natural visual interest within a tank, but can also be used for various functional purposes within your bioactive terrarium or aquarium such as:

Deposit site for dart frog tadpoles/water holes
Food dishes
Naturalistic hide for small invertebrates, amphibians and geckos

The Monkey Pod averages 3-4" in diameter. However, due to the nature of this product there will be natural variation in size and color of each pod.


Aquarium Preparation:

When used in an Aquarium we recommend boiling the Monkey Pods for at least an hour to remove any tannins that may be present in the nut. To ensure the water quality will not be affected in your aquarium, place the boiled nut in a separate bin of water for a day before adding it to your aquarium. This process will also encourage the nut to sink.

Formats :

3-4 po NC-MPD5
5 po NC-MPT5

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