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Exoterra Remote Control for PT2495

Remote Control for PT2495

The Exo Terra Monsoon Remote Control works with the Exo Terra Monsoon RS400, enabling you to switch the unit to the On, Off and Cycle positions remotely. It’s also great for temporarily turning the unit On and Off; to increase the humidity manually; to te


Exoterra Connection piece for PT2495

Connection piece for PT2495

The Exo Terra Monsoon Y-connector is an extension part for the Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 misting system, allowing you to connect an extra nozzle to an existing system.


Exoterra Replacement diaphragm for PT2080

Replacement diaphragm for PT2080

Replacement membrane for the Exo Terra Fog Generator (PT2080) including key.


Exoterra Monsoon Nozzle Extension Kit

Monsoon Nozzle Extension Kit

The Exo Terra Monsoon Nozzle Extension Kit contains one, easy-to-install nozzle that allows you to grow your existing terrarium setup or extend the system to multiple terrariums.


Exoterra 2 Monsoon Suction Cups for PT2495

2 Monsoon Suction Cups for PT2495

Exo Terra Monsoon Suction Cups allow you to attach the tubing firmly onto any smooth surface in the terrarium.


Exoterra Monsoon Nozzles

Monsoon Nozzles

Monsoon Exo Terra Water Spray Nozzles allow you to expand your Monsoon RS400 Exo Terra Waterfall System (up to 6 nozzles) or expand the system to multiple terrariums using Y-fittings (PT2498 ) and additional tubes (PT2504).