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Galapagos Cholla Wood Branches

Cholla Wood Branches

Galapagos Cholla Wood is actually a fallen, desert cactus skeleton!


Galapagos Natural Wood Dish

Natural Wood Dish

Here is a natural dish for water made from 100% wood.


Pet-Tekk Succulent on Driftwood 8 in.

Succulent on Driftwood 8 in.

Add a natural look to your vivarium with this plant made from non-toxic materials.


Pet-Tekk Pitcher Plant on Driftwood

Pitcher Plant on Driftwood

Add a natural and colorful look to your vivarium with this plant made from non-toxic materials.


Magazoo Escada - Approx. 18 "

Escada - Approx. 18 "

Climbers of the genus Bauhimia, of the leguminous plant family.


Jurassic Reptile Tannin Pod Pack

Tannin Pod Pack

Set of natural ornaments to enhance the natural decor of your terrarium.


Exoterra Terrarium Cabinet

Terrarium Cabinet

The elegantly designed Exo Terra Terrarium Cabinets are the perfect complement to the Exo Terra Terrariums. Finished in contemporary black with smoked tempered glass doors, these cabinets will show off your terrarium beautifully.



Zoomed Habba Hut™

Habba Hut™

This is a natural alternative to plastic or resin hiding areas. Zoo Med’s Habba Hut™ adds privacy to any reptile terrarium.


Treasures underwater Wooden appearance bridge

Wooden appearance bridge

This decoration complements the personalized aquatic environment of your aquarium; it is also suitable in any terrarium.