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NewCal Pets Monkey Pod

Monkey Pod

The Monkey pod originates from the Lecythis elliptica, a large nut producing tree found in the Amazonian forests.


NewCal Pets Ourico Pod

Ourico Pod

Ourico Pods originate from the South American tree in the family Lecythidaceace, harvested for the Brazil Nut fruit inside.


NewCal Pets Bell Cups - 3 Pack

Bell Cups - 3 Pack

dd a natural twist to your Bioscape™ with Bell Cups!


Exoterra Coconut-shaped hiding place and water bowl

Coconut-shaped hiding place and water bowl

The coconut-shaped water bowl hiding place provides hydration and safety for your reptile.



Exoterra Wet rock hideout

Wet rock hideout

Very decorative hiding place in the shape of a wet looking rock.


Galapagos Mossy Dome

Mossy Dome

Made of natural moss, this dome is a perfect corner hideaway. The back of each dome is made at a 90 degree angle.


Galapagos Mossy Corner Hide

Mossy Corner Hide

Very decorative corner hiding place, with multiple opening to allow reptiles to enter and exit easily.


Galapagos Open Porch Bird Feeder 12'' x 9''

Open Porch Bird Feeder 12'' x 9''

These are made with our MossVine, and are extremely durable and meant for outdoor or terrarium use.


All things reptile Round hiding place

Round hiding place

Made of Polypropylene plastic with smooth interior and exterior surfaces for easy cleaning and durability.


Marina Decorative cave

Decorative cave

These decorative caves are made of polyester resin and mimic underwater caves.


Zilla Decorative Rock hideout - Small

Decorative Rock hideout - Small

A magnificent hiding place that really imitates a rock.


Exoterra Primate Skull

Primate Skull

A proper hiding place is an essential feature of a natural terrarium. Without a safe place to hide and sleep, reptiles and amphibians will easily develop stress that will interfere with their activity and appetite.