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Rock Dens


Ideal for a wide variety of reptiles, help to mimic cool, dark cave like atmospheres found in your pets natural environment.

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The heavy, solid den stays in place and allows reptiles to enjoy three of their top favorite activities: climbing, basking and hiding in a burrow. The natural divots, grooves and imperfections in the rock den make it look and feel incredibly natural, encouraging your reptile to behave in a more natural manner. A cool, hollow interior will provide your pet with a quiet space to rest and relax away from the open spaces of the enclosure. With a non-porous exterior, the dens will not retain water or moisture, helping to reduce the buildup of harmful bacteria and keeping your terrarium smelling fresh and looking great. The tan colored den comes in a medium size and is suitable for both terrestrial and aquatic use. Can be easily washed with warm soapy water.

Medium: 6.5 "x 6.75" x 3 "13717
Large: 8.5 "x 9.5" x 4 "13716
X-Large 12.25 "x 11.5" x 4.75 "13715

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