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Made of synthetic material but incredibly realistic, these items are very easy to maintain.

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Pangea Dinosaur Skull Cave

Dinosaur Skull Cave

This large dinosaur skull looks great in a terrarium. It is also very large, which allows it to serve as a cave rather than decoration.


Treasures underwater Round Rock - Arch

Round Rock - Arch

Decoration; an arch in the form of incredibly realistic rocks.


C3 Ledges Magnetic Faux Cork Ledge

Magnetic Faux Cork Ledge

Have you ever wanted to create a natural cork ledge for your naturalistc terrarium?


Fluval Rock formation ornament

Rock formation ornament

Inspired by nature, these decorative ornaments bring a touch of natural beauty and lush greenery to the Chi Fluval aquarium.


Marina Rock Ornament

Rock Ornament

Personalize your betta aquarium or any terrarium with this beautiful rock-like ornament.


Exoterra Tiki ornament

Tiki ornament

Tiki Totems are a safe hiding place, cup food rack and water in their many built-in cavities, covering all of your reptile needs.



Treasures underwater Crocodile Skull - Mini

Crocodile Skull - Mini

To compliment your personalized aquatic environment, this incredibly realistic decoration is handmade and painted using only the highest quality materials.


Treasures underwater Wooden Dock

Wooden Dock

Enhance your freshwater or saltwater aquarium with this beautiful hand-made and painted bridge.


Treasures underwater Wood troll

Wood troll

Here is an aquarium or terrarium ornament to complement your personalized environment.


Treasures underwater Stone bridge

Stone bridge

Here is an aquarium or terrarium ornament to complement your personalized environment.


Treasures underwater Japanese Riverboat - Style A

Japanese Riverboat - Style A

Here is an aquarium ornament to complement your personalized aquatic environment.


Treasures underwater Cast Medallion

Cast Medallion

Here is a fun and fantastic aquarium ornament to help you build your dream personalized aquatic environment.