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Made of synthetic material but incredibly realistic, these items are very easy to maintain.

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Pangea Crocodile Skull

Crocodile Skull

Crocodile skull made of easy-to-clean resin.


Treasures underwater Root with Mushroom

Root with Mushroom

Beautiful aquarium ornament with the appearance of a root with mushrooms Incredibly realistic decoration enhances your aquarium!


Zilla Vertical Décor - Broken Branch

Vertical Décor - Broken Branch

This elegant decor is painted to mimic the beautiful natural realism of moss covered branches in nature.


Prickly pear cactus small

Prickly pear cactus small

Small decorative cactus.


Treasures underwater Bungle Boy Crocodile

Bungle Boy Crocodile

This ornament is a great addition if you are looking to create a fun, easy-care atmosphere.


Treasures underwater Wooden Warlock

Wooden Warlock

Exceptionally unique decoration that offers an earthy and mysterious atmosphere.


Treasures underwater Crocodile Skull

Crocodile Skull

Here is a unique and realistic crocodile skull that would be ideal as the centerpiece of a terrarium or aquarium.


Treasures underwater Forest Friend

Forest Friend

A combination of tree and human.


Treasures underwater Birdman Skull

Birdman Skull

A very rare decoration that you can add to the decoration of your favorite animal.


Treasures underwater Buccaneer Skull

Buccaneer Skull

It is the perfect decoration for those looking for a spooky atmosphere.


Treasures underwater Warrior skull

Warrior skull

A nice decoration if you are tired of the cute and conventional decorations.


Treasures underwater Dinosaur Skull

Dinosaur Skull

This incredibly realistic dinosaur skull is perfect for those passionate about archeology of the largest reptiles that have roamed the planet.