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Made of synthetic material but incredibly realistic, these items are very easy to maintain.

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Treasures underwater Ruins mask

Ruins mask

Aquarium ornaments to complement your personalized aquatic environment.


Treasures underwater Mayan ruins

Mayan ruins

Aquarium ornaments to complement your personalized aquatic environment.


Exoterra Buffalo Skull

Buffalo Skull

A proper hiding place is an essential feature of a natural terrarium. Without a safe place to hide and sleep, reptiles and amphibians will easily develop stress that will interfere with their activity and appetite.


Exoterra Buffalo skull hideout

Buffalo skull hideout

The Exo Terra Skull hides are extremely realistic and add an exiting accent to any type of terrarium, desert, rainforest or aquatic.


Medium Bonsai

Medium Bonsai

The Aqua Della aquarium ornaments are made of non-toxic, high quality polyester-resin, guaranteed not to upset the biological equilibrium of your aquarium.


Moss covered stone with suction cup

Moss covered stone with suction cup

Made of high quality non-toxic polyester resin, this ornament does not disturb the biological balance of your aquarium.


Exotic environments Skull shaped porch

Skull shaped porch

Terrarium and aquarium decoration



Pet-Tekk Planter Ledge

Planter Ledge

This decorative bowl includes a place to add a natural plant in a standard 4 "pot.


Grevewood ornament

Grevewood ornament

The driftwood, in cocoa color, is a wonderful accessory to add to your aquarium decor.


Zilla Basking Platform Ramps

Basking Platform Ramps

All platforms are hand-crafted from durable materials that have the look and feel of rock, but are far easier to clean and will not upset the mineral balance of the terrarium water.


Pet-Tekk Mushroom Ledge

Mushroom Ledge

Designed to look like a tropical mushroom, they are the perfect accent for your tropical and forest terrarium. It is held by a magnetic ring.


Pet-Tekk Rock Ledge

Rock Ledge

Perfect for all reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. It is attached to the side window with a magnetic circle.