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Our specialty: complete food for geckos

Our complete mixes for geckos are of the highest quality. The supply of calcium, protein and nutrients make this line of products the perfect food to feed your gecko; all you have to do is choose the right mixture, depending on the age and condition of your pet.

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Pangea Leafy vine 6 feet long

Leafy vine 6 feet long

The large leaves fill your terrarium more and also give your pets more space to hide.


Pangea Rock cave

Rock cave

Aesthetic, durable concept, made of non-toxic and easy-care material.


Pangea Small biodegradable gecko cups .5 oz 100 cups

Small biodegradable gecko cups .5 oz 100 cups

Large paper feed cups


Pangea Hanging bush

Hanging bush

The hanging bush is a revolutionary artificial plant for terrariums and is made up of 8 separate vines. Every aspect has been carefully studied to make it the best artificial plant on the market.


Pangea Ultimate Reptile Vine (6ft Long) Brown

Ultimate Reptile Vine (6ft Long) Brown

Large diameter moss vine 6 feet long.


Pangea Ultimate Reptile Vine (6ft Long) Green

Ultimate Reptile Vine (6ft Long) Green

Large diameter foam vine
Smaller branches for added texture
Green color to mimic tree branches
6 feet long


Pangea Large Biodegradable Gecko cups

Large Biodegradable Gecko cups

00% natural and biodegradable. Fits all the same ledges as their plastic counterparts. Keep food and water without getting soggy. Safe and non-toxic.


Pangea Dinosaur Skull Cave

Dinosaur Skull Cave

This large dinosaur skull looks great in a terrarium. It is also very large, which allows it to serve as a cave rather than decoration.


Pangea Acrylic Gecko Ledge (Suction Cup)

Acrylic Gecko Ledge (Suction Cup)

Supports more weight than any other similar product, Easy to place and easy to clean.


Pangea Gecko Diet Fig & Insects Complete

Gecko Diet Fig & Insects Complete

This banana-free formula has a strong scent and fig aroma that will entice your picky geckos to eat.


Pangea Stone cup holder

Stone cup holder

The stone cup holder is designed for larger geckos who would otherwise tip their dishes.


Pangea Double stone cup holder

Double stone cup holder

Combine usefulness with beauty; This double cup holder prevents spillage in the terrarium, and it prevent the substrate from mixing with the food.