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Our specialty: complete food for geckos

Our complete mixes for geckos are of the highest quality. The supply of calcium, protein and nutrients make this line of products the perfect food to feed your gecko; all you have to do is choose the right mixture, depending on the age and condition of your pet.

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Pangea Digital Reptile Thermometer

Digital Reptile Thermometer

The digital reptile thermometer is a small yet very accurate and reliable temperature measuring device with a great 1 year free replacement warranty.


Pangea Ultimate ECO Dish Cup Holder

Ultimate ECO Dish Cup Holder

Perfect food and water dish for your little reptile.


Pangea Crocodile Skull

Crocodile Skull

Crocodile skull made of easy-to-clean resin.


Pangea Human Skull Cave

Human Skull Cave

Human skull cave made of non-toxic resin.


Pangea Medium Rock Bowl

Medium Rock Bowl

Made of solid resin; Safe and non-toxic


Pangea Large Acrylic Gecko Ledge (Magnetic)

Large Acrylic Gecko Ledge (Magnetic)

Magnetic, removable and easy to clean.


Pangea Hanging plant

Hanging plant

Realistic plastic hanging plant.


Pangea Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

Very realistic synthetic plant.


Pangea Hanging orchids

Hanging orchids

Realistic plastic orchid


Pangea Hatch'em - Medium egg incubation substrate

Hatch'em - Medium egg incubation substrate

Premium clay substrate for incubating reptile eggs.


Pangea Hide Box Humidity Sponges (10 Pack)

Hide Box Humidity Sponges (10 Pack)

This pack of 10 replacement sponges are custom made to fit into the humid hideout - humidity hide.


Pangea Reptile Egg Organizer

Reptile Egg Organizer

Introducing the new reptile egg organizer with 24 adjustable compartments.