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Ultimate ECO Dish Cup Holder


Perfect food and water dish for your little reptile.

Article number: WUED-G
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The cup has been specially designed at Pangea Reptile to perfectly fit our small biodegradable cups for Pangea gecko and our small cups for Pangea gecko. The non-toxic silicone is safe for pets.

The high quality silicone we have chosen is extremely durable and can withstand the wear and tear of your little lizard and the dishwasher. You can easily wash the solid silicone dish by hand, in a dishwasher, or if you have a bio-active setup, you can leave it there for your springtails and isopods to clean it for you. Silicone is a high quality, non-toxic material that does not break down into harmful micro-plastics like many other common materials, which is why it is considered more ocean friendly. Silicone will also resist heat better than most plastics, making it more suitable for pets. Not only have we brought you the best technology for your reptile breeding, but we've also made it in five amazing color combinations to suit you and your reptile's style.

Key Benefits:

Non-toxic silicone, extremely durable and safe for pets
Perfect for small Pangea feeding cups

Five great colors to choose from!

Dark gray WUED-G
Blue marble WUED-BB
Gray marble WUED-PG
Turquoise marble WUED-TC
Pink marble WUED-PW

Whether you are feeding a crested gecko, gargoyle gecko, day gecko, sarasinorum, leachianus, or any other omnivorous reptile, it is perfect for holding any food. The dish is also ideal for small insectivores like leopard geckos, African big-tailed geckos, button-tailed geckos, and Chinese cave geckos. The dishes can contain small insects like mealworms and waxworms as well as water for your gecko.

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