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Magazoo Dendrobate auratus dart frog

Dendrobate auratus dart frog

French name Dendrobate verte et noire poison
English name : Green and black poison Dart frog
Latin name: Dendrobate auratus


Zoomed Betta Plants™

Betta Plants™

Realistic plastic plants with suction cup, for betta bowls and aquariums.


Galapagos Moss Mushroom

Moss Mushroom

This mushroom is made individually and from green moss and wicker.


Magazoo Green flying frog

Green flying frog

French name : Rainette volante verte
English name : green flying frog
Latin name: Rhacophorus reinwardtii


Magazoo Florida green tree frog

Florida green tree frog

French name : Rainette de Floride
English name : Florida green tree frog
Latin name: Hyla cinereous


Pet-Tekk Venus Fly Trap on Driftwood

Venus Fly Trap on Driftwood

Artificial plant of natural appearance on branch.


Pet-Tekk Succulent on Driftwood 8 in.

Succulent on Driftwood 8 in.

Add a natural look to your vivarium with this plant made from non-toxic materials.