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Snake claw

Snake claw

This self-locking snake gripper is designed with a long handle that will protect you during your operation.


Magazoo Locking Hemostat 10''

Locking Hemostat 10''

Straight locking hemostatic forceps in stainless steel.


Magazoo Hemostatic forceps to feed

Hemostatic forceps to feed

Safety grippers of different lengths to feed your reptile.


Pet-Tekk Small Worm Feeder Rock

Small Worm Feeder Rock

Rock to deposit the small worms that your reptiles love.


Magazoo Feeding tongs

Feeding tongs

Clamps of different lengths


Zoomed Creatures™ Feeding Tongs

Creatures™ Feeding Tongs

Easily and safely feed Arachnids, Insects, and other Invertebrates with these Glow-in-the-Dark Feeding Tongs.


Zoomed Angled Stainless Steel Feeding Tongs 10″

Angled Stainless Steel Feeding Tongs 10″

Zoo Med’s reliable Stainless Steel Feeding Tongs, now with an angled soft tip for easier feeding!