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Repashy Pumpkin Pie Omnivore Gel - Seasonal Blend

Pumpkin Pie Omnivore Gel - Seasonal Blend

“Pumpkin Pie” Gel Diet is our first Seasonal Blend that is not specifically a gecko diet.


Hikari LeopaGel - 2.11 oz

LeopaGel - 2.11 oz

The 2.18 ounce container of Hikari LeopaGel is specially designed for leopard geckos.


Repashy Morning Wood Isopod Gel

Morning Wood Isopod Gel

Our Calcium Fortified, Super Firm, Long Lasting Formula for Isopods, Springtails, and other detritus feeding insects.


Repashy Buffet beardie

Buffet beardie

This formula is for omnivorous species that feed on insects and vegetables


Repashy SuperLoad insect gutload formula

SuperLoad insect gutload formula

Our Super-concentrated gutloading formula increases the nutritional value of feeder insects. Contains high levels of Calcium and other minerals as well as essential Trace Elements, Vitamins and Carotenoids.


Repashy Grassland Grazer

Grassland Grazer

Our Low-Protein, High-Fiber Gel Formula for Leaf, Grass, Flower, and Veggie Eating Species such as Tortoises and Uromastyx.