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Magazoo Fixture clamp

Fixture clamp

Clamp to hold fixture in place.


Exoterra Reptile Dome

Reptile Dome

The Exo Terra Reptile Dome has an extra long aluminum reflector dome that extends beyond the face of most bulbs. The Reptile Dome Fixture gives you the versatility of placing heat and/or light sources on your terrarium where needed.


Exoterra Adhesive Support Base

Adhesive Support Base

The Exo Terra Light Bracket Adhesive Support Base is a replacement part for the Exo Terra Light Bracket. When attached to the terrarium, it serves as a supportive base for the bracket.


Exoterra Light Dome Support Fixture

Light Dome Support Fixture

The Exo Terra Light Bracket is designed to suspend the Exo Terra Light Dome or other types domes or wire fixtures above any Exo Terra Natural Terrarium or other glass terrarium securely.