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NewCal Pets Snake hook with telescopic golf grip

Snake hook with telescopic golf grip

Very practical hook for handling reptiles.


Magazoo Hook with golf grip

Hook with golf grip

Very safe and comfortable hook for handling large reptiles.


Magazoo Herping Hook 42''

Herping Hook 42''

Hook for exploring animals in nature.


Magazoo 18 in. Ultra-light hook

18 in. Ultra-light hook

Ultralight hook for moving small reptiles.


Magazoo Non-blocking pocket telescopic hook

Non-blocking pocket telescopic hook

The strongest in the world.


Magazoo Hiding place with water bowl

Hiding place with water bowl

2-n 1 Water Bowl & hiding place. Made of black polypropylene molding for durability and a quick-to-clean surface.


Magazoo Reptile hiding box

Reptile hiding box

Very secure hiding place, whose polypropylene injection molding ensures increased durability with smooth surfaces that make cleaning easy.


Gator Complete tool kit 11 pieces

Complete tool kit 11 pieces

Complete set of 11 tools, including probes, pump, tweezers with magnifying glass etc which are made from surgical grade stainless steel. The tips of the various tools are straight and not tapered. All in a leather locker with zipper.


Zoomed Adjustable snake hook

Adjustable snake hook

This adjustable hook from Zoo Med is perfect for handling small snake species.