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Products tagged with cactus

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Zilla Cactus Saguaro 5”

Cactus Saguaro 5”

Cactus of natural appearance and easy to maintain.


Zilla Mexican Saguaro Cactus 5”

Mexican Saguaro Cactus 5”

Natural looking cactus on rock.


NewCal Pets Cactus Bark  apx 15-17"

Cactus Bark apx 15-17"

Cactus bark is available in approx. 15-17 "in length and 3-6" in width.


Prickly pear cactus small

Prickly pear cactus small

Small decorative cactus.


Zoomed Tortoise Block 5 oz

Tortoise Block 5 oz

This product is a calcium block with cacti and vegetables.