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Zilla Herp hotel

Herp hotel

The incredibly realistic appearance of the shelter under a rock provides a unique natural atmosphere that your reptile will greatly appreciate.


Pet-Tekk Corner Cave

Corner Cave

Very decorative corner cellar to maximize space in the terrarium.


Treasures underwater Treasures Boulder Hideout

Treasures Boulder Hideout

Rock covered with a light moss green color, with prominent leafy plants that add to the already look of the room.


Pet-Tekk Tropical Plant on Stone Base

Tropical Plant on Stone Base

Give your terrarium pet a secure retreat with Habi-Scape Terrarium Decor.


NewCal Pets Palm Torch 12"

Palm Torch 12"

Natural branch whose appearance is unique for each piece.


Aqua Globe Coconut Lotus

Coconut Lotus

Beautiful natural coconut serving as a beautiful decoration and a nice hiding place for your little reptile.


Pangea Rock cave

Rock cave

Aesthetic, durable concept, made of non-toxic and easy-care material.


Exoterra Aztec stash in the shape of an eagle warrior

Aztec stash in the shape of an eagle warrior

The Exo Terra range of Aztec products recreate the mystical atmosphere of this ancient Mesoamerican civilization in your own terrarium.


All things reptile Coconut hide

Coconut hide

Very decorative stash made from real coconut.


All things reptile Natural Half Log

Natural Half Log

All-natural half-log that can be used as a hiding place.


All things reptile ATR Natural Log Hide

ATR Natural Log Hide

A beautiful hiding place made of natural wood.


Zoomed Natural Bush™ Plants – Cashuarina

Natural Bush™ Plants – Cashuarina

Create your own jungle with Natural Bush natural bushes.