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Magazoo Live discoid cockroaches

Live discoid cockroaches

Live cockroach to feed your pets.


Magazoo Water Munchies

Water Munchies

Hydrating gel


ProBugs Eco-Fresh Bulk Dubia, 150g

Eco-Fresh Bulk Dubia, 150g

Dubia Eco-Fresh cockroaches are our most popular insects.


Zoomed Can O’

Can O’

A nice solution to living insects. See our range; There is something for every taste.


Zoomed Creatures™ Food Pellets

Creatures™ Food Pellets

Small (1/16″) pellet size to accommodate most omnivorous pet invertebrates


ProBugs Eco-Fresh Dubia Cockroach

Eco-Fresh Dubia Cockroach

Pro Bugs offers freshly preserved insects to animal keepers for those who prefer an alternative to live insects; while preserving nutritional value of the insect.