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In order to replicate natural light and warmth of environment where your reptile lives in nature, lighting is essential for a long, healthy life.

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Zoomed Naturalistic Terrarium® Hood

Naturalistic Terrarium® Hood

This light bar is suitable for the 30 cm terrariums of the "NATURALISTIC" Terrarium series (Zoo Med article n ° NT-1E or NT-2E).


Zoomed ReptiSun® T5 HO Terrarium Hood

ReptiSun® T5 HO Terrarium Hood

Comprend la rampe et un néon ReptiSun T5 HO 5.0 UVB.


Zoomed T8 ReptiSun® Terrarium Hood

T8 ReptiSun® Terrarium Hood

The ReptiSun® Terrarium Hoods are low profile hoods designed to hold one T8 size linear fluorescent lamp. The cover contains an ON / OFF switch.


Zoomed Repti Tuff™ Splashproof Halogen Lamp

Repti Tuff™ Splashproof Halogen Lamp

The Repti Tuff™ is a heavy duty, “splash-proof” halogen lamp. For use with all types of aquatic turtles and other aquatic terrarium pets. It has an average lifespan of 2,500 hours.


Zoomed Halogen Lamp

Halogen Lamp

Another first from Zoo Med! High quality halogen spot lamps specifically made for use with reptile terrariums! (This is not the same bulb you would find at a hardware store.)


Zoomed Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp

Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp

True red glass, not painted or coated (Except the 250 w, which is lacquered)!


Zoomed Repti Basking Spot® Lamp

Repti Basking Spot® Lamp

Repti Basking Spot Lamp heat lamps are for all types of reptiles. Just use the right wattage for the size of your terrarium and the species of reptile.


Zoomed Nighlight Blue Bulb

Nighlight Blue Bulb

The blue night bulb is made of very dark blue glass, which creates virtually no light. It is ideal for heating the environment and does not harm the sight of nocturnal reptiles.


Zoomed Nighlight Red Bulb

Nighlight Red Bulb

The Night Bulb is made of tint-free glass for better heat transfer. It is perfect for observing nocturnal reptiles without disturbing them.


Zoomed Daylight Blue Bulb

Daylight Blue Bulb

Zoo Med’s Daylight Blue™ Reptile Bulb is made of a true blue glass (not painted or coated) for better heat transfer.


Zoomed PowerSun® H.I.D. Combo

PowerSun® H.I.D. Combo

The PowerSun® High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) Combo includes the PowerSun® H.I.D. Metal Halide UVB Lamp and Lamp Fixture.


Zoomed Nano Dome Lamp Fixture

Nano Dome Lamp Fixture

The Nano Dome lamp is made to be used with nano bulbs. (sold separately). It can hold a bulb of up to 40 watts.