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Natural Light / Full Spectrum Daylight Bulb

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The Exo Terra Natural Light is a full spectrum daylight bulb with a very high visual light output and high color rendering index (98 CRI).

Article number: PT2190
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This terrarium bulb is recommended as a common light source for all types of terrariums due to its high luminous flux and color temperature of 6700 K.

The high luminous flux is ideal for terrarium plants as well as for pleasure animals, such as snakes, amphibians (frogs, toads and salamanders) and nocturnal animals, which have low UV requirements.

Amplify, according to the specific needs of the reptile, the natural lighting conditions by combining this continuous spectrum bulb reproducing daylight with a UVB100, UVB150 or UVB200 lamp.

Daytime spectrum bulb perfectly suitable for all reptiles and amphibians, UVA rays stimulate appetite, activity and reproduction, color rendering index: 98, high luminous flux, color temperature: 6700 K, stimulates plant growth ,.

Bulb recommended in conjunction with a UVB100, UVB150 or UVB200 light bulb, depending on the specific needs of the reptile.


13 watt compact fluorescent bulb - Natural light (PT2190)
26 watt compact fluorescent bulb - Natural light (PT2191)

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