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Uses robust materials to produce top quality aquariums / terrariums

The lower frames of our aquariums / terrariums are injection molded and the upper frames are ready to accommodate the sliding cover made of metal mesh. They are also designed with diamond polished edges and black silicone. The EZ-Lock locking system keeps the cover in place, reducing unwanted breakouts.

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Seapora Frozen Bloodworms

Frozen Bloodworms

Frozen Bloodworms are a top of the line primary food source designed to provide essential nutrients, vitamins and proteins to the inhabitants of your aquatic ecosystem.


Seapora Standard aquarium

Standard aquarium

Made with the highest quality materials available.


Seapora Seapora Breeder Terrarium

Seapora Breeder Terrarium

Easily create your new habitat in the terrarium for reptile breeding.


Seapora Seapora Terrarium

Seapora Terrarium

Easily create your new habitat in this Terrarium.


Seapora Seapora terrarium clip

Seapora terrarium clip

At a glance, this clip assures you that your lid is securely closed.