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Seapora Terrarium


Easily create your new habitat in this Terrarium.

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It features sturdy materials, including injection molded lower frames and miter cut upper frames, to accommodate the sliding metal mesh top. It is also designed with diamond polished edges and black silicone. The EZ-Lock locking system keeps the cover in place, reducing unwanted breakouts. This terrarium will meet your needs by providing a durable and secure space to simply maintain an ideal environment for reptiles.

2 gal. 20 "x 10" x 12 in 56057
3 gal 12 X 6 X 6 in 56058
5.5 gal 16 X 8 X 10 in 56060
10 gal 20 X 10 X 12 in 56062
Long 20 gal 30 X 12 C 12 in 56064

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