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We have a wide variety available. Whether your reptile is desert, tropical or burrowing, several mixtures of substrates are designed to safely arrange the terrarium of your exotic animal. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask us if the chosen substrate is suitable for your animal.

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Exoterra Coco Husk / Tropical Terrarium Substrate

Coco Husk / Tropical Terrarium Substrate

Exo Terra Coco Husk is made from compressed coconut husk from the plantations of tropical Asia.


Zoomed Naturalistic Terrarium® Substrate Mesh

Naturalistic Terrarium® Substrate Mesh

A non-toxic mesh designed for use in terrariums. The mesh allows proper water drainage while preventing substrates from mixing and contaminating the water/filtration system.


Zoomed Aquatic River Pebbles

Aquatic River Pebbles

All-natural river rock pebbles for aquatic turtle aquarium or terrariums. Creates a natural river bed look in your enclosure.


Zoomed Eco Earth® Coconut Fiber Substrate

Eco Earth® Coconut Fiber Substrate

Eco Earth® Coconut Fiber Substrate is an eco-friendly product made from the husks of coconuts and can be safely composted or recycled into potted plants or gardens.


Zoomed Forest Floor™ Bedding

Forest Floor™ Bedding

100% cypress mulch


Zoomed Aspen Snake Bedding

Aspen Snake Bedding

Snake litter preferred by professional herpetologists around the world.


Zoomed Premium ReptiBark®

Premium ReptiBark®

The world's best-selling reptile bark. It is made from 100% pure fir bark.


Exoterra Drainage Substrate - Bio drain 4.4 pounds

Drainage Substrate - Bio drain 4.4 pounds

Exo Terra Drainage Substrate is a natural, but not organic, substrate that helps excess water runoff in a terrarium. Unlike other natural substrates, this one will not rot or decompose.


Zoomed HydroBalls 2.5 pounds

HydroBalls 2.5 pounds

Clay Terrarium Substrate Expands "Hydro Balls" 2.5 lbs