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An various choice for a bulb emitting ultraviolet rays that reptiles need to develop and live healthily. Check out our wide range of bulbs, which goes from daytime to nighttime lighting, emitting ultraviolet rays at different strengths, emitting heat or not. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask us which light is suitable for your reptile.

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Zoomed Nighlight Blue Bulb

Nighlight Blue Bulb

The blue night bulb is made of very dark blue glass, which creates virtually no light. It is ideal for heating the environment and does not harm the sight of nocturnal reptiles.


Zoomed Nighlight Red Bulb

Nighlight Red Bulb

The Night Bulb is made of tint-free glass for better heat transfer. It is perfect for observing nocturnal reptiles without disturbing them.


Zoomed Daylight Blue Bulb

Daylight Blue Bulb

Zoo Med’s Daylight Blue™ Reptile Bulb is made of a true blue glass (not painted or coated) for better heat transfer.


Zoomed Nano LED 5 watts

Nano LED 5 watts

Energy efficient LED for your pet’s habitat, now in Nano size!


Zoomed Nano Halogen Heat Lamp 35 watts

Nano Halogen Heat Lamp 35 watts

Now available in Nano size!


Exoterra Full Moon light 1 watt

Full Moon light 1 watt

The Full Moon Exo Terra lamp was created to reproduce the natural moonlight in your animal's terrarium, and allows you to observe its behavior at night, without disturbing it.