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Each piece is prepared and carefully selected to add a natural touch to your favorite animal's surroundings. As they are natural, each piece is unique and the delivered product may differ from the picture.

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NewCal Pets Sponge Mushroom - 2 Pack

Sponge Mushroom - 2 Pack

Dried sponge mushrooms make a great visual addition to bioactive terrariums for amphibians and reptiles that thrive in a high humidity environment.


NewCal Pets Jack Fruit Leaves - 10 Pack

Jack Fruit Leaves - 10 Pack

Jackfruit leaves come from the Artocarpus heterophyllus family native to southwest India.


Magazoo Coco Dish 16-21 '' (1 per pack)

Coco Dish 16-21 '' (1 per pack)

Natural container made with coconut leaves. Each container is unique.


Exoterra Bamboo forest mat

Bamboo forest mat

Bamboo Forest Mat is a multi-layered substrate that allows you to recreate the forest mat as it is in nature.