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Entirely natural, these items will perfectly harmonize with environment of your reptile.

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NewCal Pets Pear Pods - 1.5oz

Pear Pods - 1.5oz

Create a naturalistic look in your terrarium with these Pear Pods! All natural wood product, ethically sourced and reptile safe.


NewCal Pets Lotus Pods - 3 Pack

Lotus Pods - 3 Pack

The NewCal Lotus pods are a visually appealing piece of decor in terrariums and aquariums. Their unique flower-like appearance and previous home to the seeds create a natural hide-away for crustaceans and small shrimp.


Aqua One Decorative Gravel

Decorative Gravel

Adding decorative gravel to your aquarium is a fantastic way to enhance and personalize its appearance.


NewCal Pets Nipa Pods - 2 Pack

Nipa Pods - 2 Pack

Add a natural twist to your Bioscape™ with Nipa Pods!


NewCal Pets Casuarina Cones - 20 Pack

Casuarina Cones - 20 Pack

Casuarina cones come from an Australian native pine tree species in the Casuarinacaea family.


NewCal Pets Jungle Pods - 2 Pack

Jungle Pods - 2 Pack

The "Jungle Pod" is a seed from the Sterculia foetida tree; commonly known as the wild almond tree or java olive tree.


Jurassic Reptile Tannin Pod Pack

Tannin Pod Pack

Set of natural ornaments to enhance the natural decor of your terrarium.


Galapagos Terrarium Decor Starter Kits Arid

Terrarium Decor Starter Kits Arid

Terrarium Starter Kits are a great way to begin designing the perfect environment for your new pet!